Inspiring Managers Launches!



weflourish is very pleased to announce the launch of the 'Inspiring Managers' management training program!

Inspiring Managers was launched by weflourish client, Power the Change in May 2018 after they noticed a gap in the market for a course especially catered to new (or not so new) managers that have found themselves in a role where a whole new set of skills are required!

This course is delivered in person at your office. They are interactive one hour training sessions delivered over eight weeks.

They start with a skills gap analysis and provide a combination of out of the box modules along with tailored coaching. This makes their methodology affordable, tailored and relevant.

At Inspiring Managers, they passionately believe that you need to nurture learning to really make it stick. It’s powerful because it’s based on how the brain works (neuroscience) and how people behave (behavioural psychology). 

Research houses have found that 70% of employees don't trust their manager - Inspiring Managers seeks to lower this percentage.

Our Founder and Managing Director, Clare, is Marketing Director of Inspiring Managers so please feel free to send her an email at should you be interested in a free consultation with one of their coaches!