weflourish celebrates its first birthday

Marketing in Camden

Marketing consultancy startup, ‘weflourish’ is proud to announce its first ‘birthday’ this January 25th. Founded by entrepreneur, Clare Gaba (based in London and originally hailing from Cardiff, Wales), the new company has quite literally grown from strength to strength this year. Gaba says, ‘To be honest, I’ve had a bit of a shock with how well business has gone. As a lover of business books, programmes and ‘rags to riches’ stories, I expected the business to really struggle within its first year but it’s actually been quite the opposite situation’. 

Triumphs this year for weflourish, include client, ‘Louis Stone Optical’ winning a top 3 spot in the largest national marketing awards in the optical industry (just 3 days after weflourish was established) and Gaba being selected to judge the Digital Experience Awards. The company has also taken on multiple clients in its first year, purely through word of mouth (the company has conducted marketing for clients in fashion, coaching, HR, architecture, interior design, food and recently, digital design, as well as giving consultations to companies such as camdenmarket.com). Gaba recently found out that she has been chosen to give a lecture to a theatre of up to 150 people, on social media and marketing at Optrafair this March (the largest optical exhibition in the UK).

Clare has spent over 11 years in marketing, including a long stint as Communications Manager for well-renowned online furniture retailer, made.com. Her specialisms lie in marketing strategy, content writing, social media and design, but this year, through learning on the job and self-teaching, she has picked up additional key skills such as website building (and now plans to redesign the weflourish site!). For 10 of her 11 years in the industry, she has worked inhouse for various companies and feels that her ability to see the clients’ perspective, as someone who has been in their shoes, allows them to see her as an individual that really cares about their success, rather than ‘just another agency.’

With regard to weflourish she says, ‘I decided I wanted to start a company that could allow me to draw on my passions and work for clients that I really believe in. My love of design has followed me through the years after made.com and so, I now have both an architecture and an interior design account. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed marketing new food blog faithtable.co.uk – based on a concept centred around our relationship between faith and the food we eat.’

Gaba finally adds, ‘I am handling all of my clients single-handedly and I am nearing my capacity as a one-woman band! My next move will be to hire more staff (which will allow me to take on even more clients), redevelop my website and also, help each of my clients reach a key goal this year…watch this space!’.