High Designs!

marketing in London

If you've had a look around our site, you'll have seen that our Founder worked for international furniture retailer, made.com for a few years as their Communications Manager. 

The kind of activities included were social media management, content writing, advertising management, PR, affiliate marketing...the list goes on! She then went onto careers in gifting, charity and fashion, but has ever since felt a real hankering for furniture and interiors - especially after redesigning her own apartment!

Well we are pleased to announce that weflourish has recently had the opportunity to work with highly-esteemed interior designer, Hazel Collins; writing and rejuvenating the copy across her new website. It really felt fantastic to be working on a project in the design sector again and it surprised us, how easy it was to transition back into it.

Hazel said, 'Thank you again, for writing the copy on my website so eloquently. You made a process that could have been extremely onerous, easy and pleasurable.' 

To add to all of this 'design' excitement (more announcements!), weflourish was hired this week by the prestigious architecture practice, Colwyn Foulkes (established in 1910 would you believe?!). We will be employed as their marketing strategist (branding, voice and tone, communications and social media), from August onwards.

'Building' relationships,