I can personally attest to the value of the contributions Clare has made to the growth and development of made.com as a whole. Her versatility was very powerful. Clare contributed greatly to made.com reaching its business goals.
— Marketing Manager, made.com


  • Won client, Louis Stone Optical a top 3 finalist spot in a national 2018 marketing awards for an Instagram account we created and managed (which also reached 10,000 organic followers after one year!). Their sales have increased by 25% in the year since we created their marketing division.
  • Over 10 years experience in all aspects of marketing and communications including websites, branding, CRM, CMS, copywriting/editorial, ecommerce, email, advertising, public relations, affiliates, product development, offline/print, digital, B2B, B2C. Expertise in social media, creative direction and content/copy.
  • Our MD (during her time at made.com), produced more revenue managing affiliates over 6 months than the company itself did during its first 6 months.
  • In first year working at charity, our MD contributed to donation turnover increasing by £500,000 and she also branded and managed all marketing for an appeal that raised £250,000 over a few weeks.
  • During time working for BLUW, created and designed product ranges that were sold into Dave TV and National Geographic.
  • CIM Marketing Planning and Managing Marketing qualified.